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SubjectRe: Faster depend written in Perl

On 27-Jul-96 G Sumner Hayes wrote:
>> (Daniel Quinlan) writes:
>> Defaulting to the perl version is probably better since most people
>> don't have mawk.
>The traditional answer to this has been that not all Linux boxes have
>perl, but all have awk. So we can't require perl to build the kernel.
>I don't know how valid this argument is these days, though.
it's a rather stupid argument, since it's easy enough to
test whether /usr/bin/perl exists and to set DEPEND

ADEPEND = $(AWK) -f $(TOPDIR)/scripts/depend.awk
PDEPEND = perl $(TOPDIR)/scripts/

DEPEND := $(shell if [ -x /usr/bin/perl ]; then echo $(PDEPEND); \
else echo $(ADEPEND); fi)

Of course we should either set PERL = /usr/bin/perl or
make the test 'if [ -x `which perl` ]'.


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