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SubjectLinux 2.0 & Xinside "X" server

I have 2 HP Vectra P5/133s running Linux 2.0. They both have Matrox
Millenium graphics card w/4 Mb. (Some of this may be superfluous)
Anyway, twice - once on each machine - "/dev/console" seems to have been
corrupted after the machines were brought down via "rebooting." Actually, one
simply crashed, the other was rebooted. Fortunately, one of the programmers
here figured out that issuing the make "device" console restored the problem.
Now, before someone questions why I'm submitting this to the kernel group, I
need to mention that the "Xinside" "Accelerated X" server ran well when we
were running Linux 1.3.
Also, we're using Slackware 3.0 and since some Unix commands don't work
properly, my problem may rest there.
Any ideas and or suggestion are greatly appreciated.
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