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SubjectRe: anonymous shared mmap. Where?

On Wed, 24 Jul 1996, A.N.Kuznetsov wrote:
> Unpleasant discovery, 2.0 has no shared anonymous mmap ???
> I do not believe to my eyes...
> Please, do not tell me that this feature is for 2.1,
> I'd like to see it in 2.0.9.

It's definitely 2.1, if even that. Shared anonymous mmap is a monstrosity
(even the name is a oxymoron), and it's hard to implement to boot.

Use SysV shared memory - it's _also_ a monstrosity (and hard to implement,
but that part has been done already), but at least it has made a _try_ at
making sense from a semantic viewpoint. I'd like to avoid shared anonymous
mmap altogether, although with the current page cache it is at least possible
to do sanely in theory.


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