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SubjectRe: magic file entry to understand core dumps
On Thu, 25 Jul 1996, Johnie Stafford wrote:

> >>> On Wed, 24 Jul 1996 10:02:50 +0200 (MET DST), Swen Thuemmler <> said:
> st> swen@hobbiton </tmp>: file core
> st> core: ELF 32-bit LSB core file of 'coretest' (signal 8), Intel 80386, version 1, stripped
> st> swen@hobbiton </tmp>: file -v
> st> file-3.19
> Great, now if I could just figure out how to enable core dumps on my
> machine, I'll be set.
> Johnie

Look at ulimit, it's a bash builtin, so man bash, search for ulimit (I'm
assuming loads of stuff, like bash is your shell ... ;)

Just to get you going, a 'ulimit -c umlimited' will dump everything that
the programs going to (I got a 10Mb core of the quake networking test
when it SEGV'd on me with that, so watchout ;).

PGP key pass phrase forgotten, \ Overload -- core meltdown sequence
again :( | initiated.
/ This space is intentionally left
| blank, apart from this text ;-)

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