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SubjectRe: Alternate solutions (Was: Re: NFS still has caching problem)
: It can't be a Linux-only solution, but it will be a Linux initated 
: solution. If we can release a RFC, and a (GPL'd) referance implementation,
: everyone can use it (and will if it is good, look at ssh ....)

However, ssh is userland. It is trivial, relatively speaking, to port
to a new system.

A new file system will have to be kernel code, in all likelyhood.
That is hard to port to different systems. AIX is quite a bit
different from Solaris is quite a bit different from HP/UX when it
comes to adding new file system types. Sometimes you even need a
source license to do that. Not to mention that Mac or Windows NT (or
Win95) will be different as well.

It would have to be an order of magnitude (or quantum leap, to mix
metaphores) better than what is available now, or people will just
make due with what they have.


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