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SubjectRe: politically correct
> # On Sun, 21 Jul 1996, Eric S. Mountain wrote:
> # > Hear, hear. Political correctness is for people who cannot face up to
> # > reality, who cannot describe things as they are.
> Yah!
> They fucking shit in your face with a big dick sitting up someone else's ass!
> (Or is that not anything like the "way things are?" Hmmmm??)
> # > These are mentally
> # > weak people and the terms they use make me sick. They need to learn
> # > to live and respect others.
> Mentally weak people need to fucking show their suckholes how they fucking live
> with their head up their ass, cuz they suck their faces just like their puny
> dicks!
> (Did this sentence take mental effort? Did it respect others? Hmmmm?)

It is always easier to argue with yourself than with others. Eric was not
saying that acting like Cro-Magnon Man is the best way to respect others
or demonstrate intelligence. He _was_ saying that political correctness
and an honest recognition of reality are often mutually exclusive. I
agree with that. What do you think?

> # Damn your right.
> Damn! You can't spell or punctuate!

He's gramatically challenged, motherfucker. (joking...)

> # nuff said.. :)
> Ahh... aren't we refreshed, taught, englightened?? Nuff said indeed.

I took it as a sort of tongue-in-cheek comment... You took it as
something you could try to use to make the author look dumb. You have
unwittingly supported Eric's point of view.

> The folks (those fucking cussers!) who just curse and curse other cultures
> who they don't approve of (asswipes!) need to stop worshipping four or five
> words and deal with the rest of the world, the real ENGINEERING and BUSINESS
> world.

WOW! Could you tell us MORE about the REAL world!?! It sounds neat!

> I've been hacking for a good while and giving someone verbal or bantering shit
> is just for hobbies or in discussion groups. It's something you keep
> out of your reviewed code, to be nice or not. Suppress yourself a tad.

It's the quality of the code that matters... I couldn't care less if they
put ASCII art of human sex organs in the kernel sources. Of course, that
just goes to show you what an uncultured ass I am.

Anyhow, the discussion is moot .. Linus (who has already made his views
clear), and any involved programmers decide what the content of the kernel
sources will be. Evidently, they are quite competent to do this.

-- Adam

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