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SubjectRe: Not a bible thumper. . . (Christopher Hassell)  wrote on 18.07.96 in <>:

> I don't know about you, but being able to shock the very SMALL (i.e. not
> big) number of people who are completely shocked by the four Great Words is
> not a skill at all... but the random semblance of it. Any desire to shock

Personally, that group doesn't interest me. I don't recognize their right
to dictate vocabulary.

So consequently, when I use swearwords, they are obviously NOT meant to
shock anybody. They are meant to relieve some tension, or sometimes for
emphasis. This actually seems to work most of the time.

> and shock and shock instead of say something is not politically correct, but
> is a plethora of oversupplied un-creativity.

By the way, "politically correct" is an obscene concept in *my* eyes, and
somehow I get the feeling I'm not alone in this.

> Push the envelope. Use a wider realm of ideas and tastes. More folks will
> listen to us than the folks who love those four words. (Most don't type.)

Huh?! If that's meant as "don't use those words", it's inconsistent with

MfG Kai

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