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SubjectSlab Allocator

I've uploaded a 'snapshot' of my Slab Allocator for the Linux
kernel; its in
The files are;

The allocator is still v. much in development (see the source and
.readme). I'm looking for feed-back on whether the allocator is
a good idea, and other constructive comments.

If you want to give the 'diff' a try (it's against v2.0.0, but should
apply to later versions), please see the .readme before applying.
Note, I've only updated the ~/arch and ~/include/asm files for i386,
but the few changes should be easy enough for other archs.



Mark Hemment,

PS: Opps, just noticed I forget to add a warning to the .readme, that
the allocator doesn't currently support DMA allocataions correctly.

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