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SubjectRe: Not a bible thumper. . .
On Thu, 18 Jul 1996, I wrote: 
+> >
+> > Linux is not a "streamlined", high-tech, noble, elite,
+> > "pay-too-much-for" product, like any M$-software. It's rough and crude,
+> > since it's written by many developers from all over the world.
+> Huh, sorry, you seem to be confused. Linux is a streamlined, high-tech,
+> noble product written by many devlopers from all over the world.
+> M$-software is rough, crude, and pay-too-much-for. It's definatly not
+> optimised for size, or speed.
OK! Beat me for this! - This is the part, most of you got me wrong.
At first, I mean, every "professional" Software, like any M$-Product,
looks to the end-user "nice, clean, easy, sunshine, happiness" or whatever
you want to call it. They do only LOOK this way! Internally they are the
crap, you realize, when you try to really _use_ the software! :-))))))

They LOOK clean and nice, _because_ all these companies remove all
toughness from the sources, before it gets delivered. - But this is like
a big lie to me.

Linux is in contrary honest. We don't have anything to hide. - Remember,
you get the code for free...

So if the reader can't stand the real life of a programmer, he should
IMHO go fishing somewhere else!

What the "crudeness" of Linux concerns:
It is nearly impossible to keep within such a large project a continouus
high level of good prgramming style. Especially, when all the developers
are scattered all over the world. - I really admire Linus for this!
(Lifting my hat and bowing down towards Linus!) - But: Linux is getter
better with every Release! In contrary to any (..hmmm don't want to
use names... - But it starts very small and end very squishy... ;) )
big company that sells OSes.

And... Of course I meant M$-software is: "paid-too-much-for" ! :-)))))

Linux is for free. Anybody who pays more, pays too much. - It's that simple! :-)

+> > You can't expect that they all use a "plain nice high-school- english".
+> > So you can't expect the Linux-sources to be a correct reading for a six
+> > year old girl.
+> >
+> You can't expect english of any standard from the devlopers that havn't
+> been taught english, and you can't expect perfectly spelt, and
+> grammatically correct english from those of us who have been taught it.

I don't expected this. It's OK for me ! :-)))))

+> > Leave the comments in, they are for those who need them and kick out
+> > only the dirty part, which may reach the day-by-day-simple-end-user.
+> >
+> Hmm, I do think that something like "fucking Sun blows me" sais a lot
+> less than something like "Bugger, Sun have rewriten the standard, pity
+> they didn't tell anyone, again...."


You are of course right. Your sentence says a lot more. - But it doesn't reflect
the programmer's feelings, when he/she (? ;-) ) found it out.

He/She was angry (for a good reason I beleive), and as usual, when you still
have a lot more to do, it's late in the night (early in the morning ? ;-) ),
you don't want to care any longer, but you want to tell (?) someone, who reaches
this part of code, ever, just _WHAT_ _A_ _BIG_ _BLACK_ _BULLSH*T_ you had to fight
with. - Whenenver you'll read your own lines of comment, you'll easyly remember
what happened. ;-)

+> > On the other hand, I assume, you'd find some of these expressions in
+> > the M$-Sources, too.
+> Nope, if they don't like the way everyone else does things, they do there
+> own thing, and let everyone else support them ....

So they do their own, _BIG_ _BLACK_ BULLSH*T_, and let everybody else support
them. - You are right! :-))))))

+> > :-)
+> >
+> > Regards,
+> >
+> > Herbert

+> Bryn
+> --
+> PGP key pass phrase forgotten, \ Overload -- core meltdown sequence
+> again :( | initiated.
+> / This space is intentionally left
+> | blank, apart from this text ;-)
+> \____________________________________
Yours sincerely,

Herbert Wengatz, 81375 Munich |Disclaim: This Mail is my own opinion,
Office |not that of my company. |
->"Political correctness is the feather duster they tickle a homeless
with, to distract him from his starvation."<- Me.

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