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Subject[patch] for accessing all sessions of a normal mutisession cd
In short: This patch allows me to access all sessions of a CD.

A friend of mine gives me some CDs with multibe sessions, written with his
HP Surestore 4020i by Easy-CD. Dos and Win95 shows all all sessions like one
big session, while linux-2.0.[0678] shows me only the last session.

My setup: Linux-2.0.8, AHA-1542B, Toshiba XM3401-TA.

I enabled some debugging in sr.c, which showed me that that code works. Then
I looked into isofs/inode.c into the function isofs_get_last_session where
the driver is asked about the presence of a multisession CD, that return ok,
return also the multi session redirection value, but a if that was added in
linux-1.1.83 prevents that value to be used if the disk is not a XA disk.

The XA check prevented me from reading the whole disk and after removing it
like in the patch below, It worked like a charm...

--- old/inode.c Fri Jun 7 15:04:32 1996
+++ ./inode.c Mon Jul 22 18:20:06 1996
@@ -189,7 +189,7 @@
printk("isofs.inode: vol_desc_start = %d\n", ms_info.addr.lba);
#endif 0
- if ((i==0)&&(ms_info.xa_flag)) vol_desc_start=ms_info.addr.lba;
+ if (i==0) vol_desc_start=ms_info.addr.lba;
return vol_desc_start;
Please try it out, if it works with all disks, This would be a good one!

Best Regards,

Bernhard Kaindl

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