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SubjectRe: _My_ turn for a 2.1 wishlist

Kai Henningsen wrote about updating includes for config options:

> * have a utility that checks that every source includes exactly those
> flag files it needs, and diagnoses (or maybe even fixes?) cases where this
> isn't true. This utility might also check if every flag used is present in
> the central config source, and vice versa.

Sounds good...

> Hmm. I think this might not be too hard to do with, say, Perl ... maybe

Why not write a utility program? Hunting through the whole source tree
once to find all the #ifdefs and check for corresponding #includes and then
doing a second pass, finding a decent place for insertions and doing the
actual edit may take quite some time. Using timestamps to decide which
files to parse would hardly be useful because new submissions are not
necessarily diffs and may have a different date. (Or doesn't this ever
happen, Linus?)


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