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SubjectRe: SB16 Sound driver problem

On 21-Jul-96 Hannu Savolainen wrote:
>>On Sat, 20 Jul 1996, Herbert Rosmanith wrote:
>> > sb: Interrupt test on IRQ10 failed - device disabled
>> are you booting from ms/dos with a different irq for your sb16 ?
>> that's a possible explanation. try using the same irq in both
>> ms/dos and linux. or, use an irq < 10 (i.e. 7), maybe you then
>> have less problems.
>This could propably help. SB16 has software configurable IRQ and DMA
>numbers. However there are some problems with it with it with oldest SB16
>models. The IRQ selection seem to be locked after the setup register has
>been written first time. If it has been configured to use another IRQ
>under DOS, Linux may fail changing the register properly.
>In the oldest SB16 models there is a jumper for setting the IRQ. I don't
>know how the software IRQ setup works with these cards. Possibly the
>software setup is just ignored and the card uses always the jumpered value.
>Best regards,

My soundcard is indeed an old one. The manual makes no mention
of a "software setup" for IRQ or DMA channels. Everything AFAIK
is done with jumpers.


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