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SubjectRe: AMD K5 with Linux
On 18 Jul 1996, Danny ter Haar wrote:

> In article <>,
> <> wrote:
> >Ok, we kicked the M1 around about a month ago, now how about
> >AMD's K5. Based on AMD's docs it can execute twice as
> >many instructions per clock as the P5 and is P5 plug-in
> >compatible. Anyone tried it with Linux and is it SMP plug-in
> >capable as well?
> We installed with a AMD K5 today.
> Several weird errors occured after about 15 minutes of operation:
> divide errors on several processes. (even ls)
> But after a fresh reboot it would be fine for about 10-15 minutes.
> Just like a register running over.
> We "fixed" it though:
> We compiled a kernel wit copro support and started a kernel
> with the no387 option, thus forcing the copro emulation and the
> errors didn't return (yet).
> The motherboard we installed ahd the latest triton chipset
> and a dimm memory connector.
> Here are the bootup messages, look at the bogomips ;-)
> It seems there is a bug in the AMD or in the kernel somewhere ;-)

Just thought I would put in my 2 bits. I have a IBM 486 SLC2/66
with a math coprocessor. Linux would give me floating point errors and
exceptions when compiling, using man (nroff), and xv among other things.
I had to turn off my math coproc with the no387 option as well, now all
runs fine.

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