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Subjecte2fsprogs incompatibility
Hi all

There is a compatibility problem with the new kernels and e2fsprogs-1.02
(the latest on sunsite). I'm running 2.0.8. Linux/include/linux/ext2_fs.h
is different to ext2_fs.h in the e2fs package. EXT2_FIRST_INO has been renamed
and the name used for another purpose. When compiling, the kernel version
is included as <linux/ext2_fs.h>, so there are compiler errors. I temporarily
tweaked the links so the package file was used to compile. The resulting
programs failed one of the tests (f_dup2) but passed the other 26, so I hope
I'm on safe ground using them.

There have been so many kernel changes there must be lots of incompatibilities
like this. I hope the package maintainers will have the space, and be able to
find the energy, to sync with the kernel before the next GreatLeapForward (tm).


John Storrs, Laboratory for Micro Enterprise
Oakley Court, Benson, Wallingford OX10 6QH, UK
tel/fax 01491 832932 email
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