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SubjectI need help

I am verry sorry to bother you with this problem, but I can't get
wu-ftpd to compile under linux v2.0.x.

I have tried both wu-ftpd-2.4-fixed and the last three betas of
wu-ftpd-2.4.2-beta9,10 an 11.

In each version the compile fails in glob.c (in BETA 11 at line
284) ->

if (fstat(dirp->dd_fd, &stb) < 0)

I even installed a brand new readhat v3.0.3 version from cdrom on
another machine (v1.2.13 kernel) with the same results.

Then I update to v2.0.0 with the RMP updates and again the same

I really don't know where the problem resits, on our normal machines
we are running kernel v2.0.7 with all the most reicent versions
of libs and utilities as mentioned in the linux/Documentation/Changes

maybe someone has any Ideas..


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