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SubjectOld (1.2.13) kernel question

I am having a serious filesystem problem and was wondering if
someone could verify if it was software or hardware, and if it
is hardware whether the scsi controller or the drive is at
fault. I know this is a tough call, but I thought it was worth a
shot. I am a bit unsure as to the cause. I am running 1.2.13 on
a compaq (arg) p75 with 2 4gig scsi drives on an adaptec 1542cf.
I had to revert to the 16 bit card because the compaq has refused
repeatedly to accept my very nice PCI buslogic card which I have
in two other servers *sigh* Anyway, here is the log snippit (I pulled the
server name out):

Jul 11 21:59:44 kernel: SCSI disk error : host 0 id 1 lun 0 return code= 2
Jul 11 21:59:45 kernel: scsidisk I/O error: dev 0812, sector 7209818
Jul 12 23:24:09 kernel: SCSI disk error : host 0 id 1 lun 0 return code= 2
Jul 12 23:24:09 kernel: scsidisk I/O error: dev 0812, sector 7372840
Jul 12 23:24:09 kernel: Kernel panic: EXT2-fs panic (device 8/18):
ext2_read_inode: unable to read i-node block - inode=921604, block=3686420

8/18 is my root filesystem on a seagate baracuda. I read that these get
REAL hot--maybe it is heat induced? This is a normal compaq tower server
with stock fans, and this error has happened multiple times (with
different sectors and inodes). Fsck comes up clean after a hard reboot
(which is impossible but true).

Please point me to the proper place if I am way off on posting to this
group. I am not sure what this falls under, but the log says kernel: :)

Thanks for any help.

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