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SubjectRe: Not a bible thumper. . .
On Thu, 18 Jul 1996, Herbert Wengatz wrote: 
> Linux is not a "streamlined", high-tech, noble, elite,
> "pay-too-much-for" product, like any M$-software. It's rough and crude,
> since it's written by many developers from all over the world.

Huh, sorry, you seem to be confused. Linux is a streamlined, high-tech,
noble product written by many devlopers from all over the world.

M$-software is rough, crude, and pay-too-much-for. It's definatly not
optimised for size, or speed.

> You can't expect that they all use a "plain nice high-school- english".
> So you can't expect the Linux-sources to be a correct reading for a six
> year old girl.

You can't expect english of any standard from the devlopers that havn't
been taught english, and you can't expect perfectly spelt, and
grammatically correct english from those of us who have been taught it.

> Leave the comments in, they are for those who need them and kick out
> only the dirty part, which may reach the day-by-day-simple-end-user.
Hmm, I do think that something like "fucking Sun blows me" sais a lot
less than something like "Bugger, Sun have rewriten the standard, pity
they didn't tell anyone, again...."

> On the other hand, I assume, you'd find some of these expressions in
> the M$-Sources, too.

Nope, if they don't like the way everyone else does things, they do there
own thing, and let everyone else support them ....

> :-)
> Regards,
> Herbert
PGP key pass phrase forgotten, \ Overload -- core meltdown sequence
again :( | initiated.
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