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SubjectRe: 2 thoughts. . .
> For reading the java-linux mail list, I am aware of some rumors that
> some Sun employees are of the opinion that Linux is a very insecure
> operating system, and that it should not be taken seriously. They call

Well if thats how Sun folks feel, here's a fun one for most Solaris boxes..

rsh to a Solaris 2.3/4/5 box you have an account on, using file
descriptor 0 (ie your stdin) on your application issue ioctl calls for
things like setting the address of the loopback interface down. ie your
app is say "fred" rsh localhost fred and you can take down interfaces
Oh dear it works - does it work on your Solaris2 box, did you know
that Sun were told (by me and a friend) months ago about the bug so I feel
its their fault not mine if its not fixed.

The number of Solaris bugs I can list, and you'll note Sun dont exactly
advertise them all, and the number of Java bugs we've seen in netscape etc
don't say very much for Sun's design.

> code. That same agreement is also an NDA, which means that everyone
> who participated in the Java-Linux porting program is now not legally
> allowed to develop a competing system.

Well if the people who were involved with the Java porting program didnt
read the license and say "No fucking way am I signing this" then I guess
its not entirely Sun's fault. The willows windows sdk license is just
as bad.

> on the net. What we need to understand, however, is that we cannot
> improve our relationship with Sun in particular, and other hardware
> developers in general, if we employ error messages like the one above.

Sun are being difficult to a lot of people about Linux stuff, not all of
Sun just bits and I've no idea if its a corporate thing or just individuals.

Look at it on the good side, if we are putting the shits up Sun we are
really getting somewhere.

> and engineers willing to help us port Linux to their platform. The
> only two things standing in the way of that is our current lamentable
> relationship, and Solaris.

Linux runs very nicely on Sparc machines. I'm still getting nowhere
pursuing documentation for the Sun3 and Sun roadrunner or good PROM docs
(the normal sun boot prom happens to come with a Solaris license and
not without, very convenient if you want all the clone vendors only to use
your prom).


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