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SubjectRe: My wish for the next Linux-Release...
From: Alan Cox <>
>> I have the following hardware (all in one PC!):
>> 1 NCR PCI - SCSI Controller w. 2 Disks,
>> 1 AHA2940W - SCSI Controller w. 2 Disks,
>> 1 TELES S.0 16.3 ISDN-Card,
>> 1 NE2000- Clone,
>> 1 PAS16-Soundcard,
>> 1 Graphic-Card, :)
>> 1 SCSI Streamer,
>> 1 SCSI-CD-ROM Drive,
>> 1 Logitech Handy-Scanner,
>> 1 Modem (1st serial Port),
>> 1 Mouse (2nd serial Port),
>> 1 Parallel Printer.
> Thats not a lot. Your kernel should be quite small.
> Make sure you are using zImage not vmlinux however...

I can hardly blame him if he is using vmlinux. The zImage (or bzImage)
is buried way down the tree: /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/zImage

Whatever it is that gets compiled should get an _obvious_ name and
be put in the root of the source tree. I really don't care if it
is moved or just symlinked. (a copy would waste space)

Another suggestion: a plain "make" should run menuconfig.
Actually, the old config should be scriptconfig and menuconfig
should be the normal config.

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