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SubjectRe: NT and stuff ....

> [much stuff about NT deleted]
> Hmm, what would be good (don't know if anyone's done it), would be a type
> of fat binnary that diets the first time it's run to become the platform
> dependant binnary. Well that might have limited appeal, but it would
> appeal to the vender that's just wanting to ship boxes out, preloaded
> with NT; ie you've got a HD image, and you just stick it on a SCSI HD,
> stick it in the NT box (with customers choice of CPU), boot off a floppy,
> install the boot loader, and soak test, no messing with an ALPHA HD
> image, x86 image, MIPS image ....

The only real win I see in having fat binaries is that they should be
halfway newbie proof. I think they're especially interesting for the
MIPS project. For MIPS we already have all binaries in two flavours,
little and big endian. You can wait for the first message on this list
"I just installed this new cool program xy on my Linux/MIPS box but it
doesn't work ..." Other than that fat binaries won't bring much win
as they bring nothing that isn't possible with conventional means.


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