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SubjectRe: kerneld/request-route: An idea
> I have suggest to "throw" this functionnality into the the loopback 
> device or the dummy device. Your setup would look like
> ifconfig dummy0
> route add -net default dummy0
> As you see, even if you have on demand dialing to your ISP, you can still
> "on demand connect" to your office with the same setup. (You can do this
> also with diald I think).
> Anyway, this has not been implemented yet. Comments are welcome.

Will everyone read the bloody diald source code before joining in the
thread. I think three people have independantly reinvented diald at me now.
You don't need a magic device you can do SLIP over a tty/pty pair to a
monitoring daemon that the flips routes over, causes dials etc as
appropriate. All in user space with no magic support needed. Being in user
space diald also has some comprehensive filters added and can monitor the
link to see when it looks idle and drop it.


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