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SubjectRe: lp1 strangeness
On Thu, 18 Jul 1996, Uwe Bonnes wrote:

> Klaus> Oh yeah, much more fun here! The kernel tells me lp1 out of paper
> Klaus> while sending all the stuff through the (printing) printer. Guess
> Klaus> some status lines get misinterpreted (then again, we have a print
> Klaus> extender in test with 100m serial cable ...)
> Klaus> Since the printer prints, who cares...
> What versions do you use? Some kernel in the high 1.3.[89]x range had
> problems.
Ok, looks like I didn't check log files for quite some time now ....
The machine's running 2.0.4 now and even though I keep trying I can't
find that message any longer :-)
Well, then, down some anonymous pipe with it.

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