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SubjectRe: Does ufs really work?
>>>>> "loewis" == loewis  <> writes:

loewis> In article <4sbpqt$>, Olaf Erb
loewis> <> wrote:
>> I just tried to mount an ufs from FreeBSD, but there's
>> something really broken:

loewis> I understand the ufs/ffs versions of SunOS 4/5 and FreeBSD
loewis> are mutually incompatible, such that even FreeBSD cannot
loewis> mount Solaris partitions. AFAIK, ufs support in Linux was
loewis> tested only with SunOS disks.

Is there development going on which will provide us with a driver
which can deal with Solaris 2.4, 2.5, and 2.5.1 disks? Not just
partitions, or filesystems. I would like to be able to install a
Solaris disk in my PC and get Linux to mount it. I have a real need to
be doing interesting things to such disks with cheap old PC hardware. We
have a lot of both of them.

Andrew C. Esh
Computer Network Technology (finger for PGP key)
6500 Wedgwood Road 612.550.8000 (main)
Maple Grove MN 55311 612.550.8229 (direct) - CNT Inc. Home Page - ACE Home Page

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