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SubjectRe: 2 thoughts. . .
15 Jul 96, (Aaron Tiensivu) :

> Does anyone else think it is in bad taste to have the kernel printing:
> printk("ufs_read_super: fucking Sun blows me\n");
> ?

Yes, here's a fix:

printk("ufs_read_super: fscking Sun blows me\n");
#endif ^

(sorry, couldn't resist!)

Now for the serious answer. I agree with you, while this kind of
comments/messages look funny for some of us, they certainly are not for the
majority of users and may not be of good publicity to Linux... that's why
the kernel shall be humorous but «politically correct» (kind of).

Thomas Parmelan -- Linux: the Penguin is FREE! --

There are many ways to define "better", but there are always more ways
to define "worse". -- Larry Wall

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