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SubjectRe: Bugs in Net code
Alan Cox writes:
> Can people having problems with multicast routing and tunnels try this diff and
> see how it goes. Its a combo of patches several people have sent in. Also
> contains the extra bridge fix.

There is a slight difference in behaviour now but it's still no dice.
mcast (SunOS) and boris (Linux) are on one subnet; plutonium (Linux)
is on another. When I create a tunnel between plutonium and boris, no
multicast applications run on either seem to be able to send across
the tunnel. However, when I send a SIGUSR1 to each mrouted to get them
to dump stats, I now see non-zero "pkts in/out" fields whereas last
time (2.0.1+patch kit) I seem to remember that they were always zero.

When I create a tunnel between plutonium and mcast, sdr sessions
created on boris reach plutonium but sessions created on plutonium
do not reach boris. This behaviour hasn't changed since last time.


Malcolm Beattie <>
Unix Systems Programmer
Oxford University Computing Services

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