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SubjectRe: /dev/psaux-caused kbd lockups and init problems fixed -- please test!
On Mon, 15 Jul 1996, Roman Hodek wrote:

> You see, quit a lot of stuff, and I admit that I can't guarantee that
> it doesn't break /dev/psaux on some other machine... No need to say
> that it works well on both my machines, the desktop and the notebook.
> But, obviously, a much broader test is needed... (I've already
> contacted Alessandro Rubini, the mouse maintainer, but he didn't know
> any testers, too :-( )

I have only one problem with these fixes, switching between a VT, and X
causes problems (gpm running, X started with xinit). It dosn't with the
driver as distributed in the kernel so ...

What I have seen is, if I start X (xinit) with gpm running, X complains
that it can't open /dev/psaux, and fails to start, then I get "psaux:
controller timeout", and moving the mouse gives some mouse error message
from gpm, kbd & mouse locked tight. I also started X first (before gpm),
and that worked fine until I quitted X at which time I got "psaux:
controller timeout", again kbd & mouse locked tight.

Versions are:
gpm-Linux 1.06, November 1995

XFree86 Version 3.1.2E / X Window System
(protocol Version 11, revision 0, vendor release 6100)
Release Date: May 13 1996

PGP key pass phrase forgotten, \ Overload -- core meltdown sequence
again :( | initiated.
/ This space is intentionally left
| blank, apart from this text ;-)

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