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SubjectRe: Last weeks QuickPoll
David W. Schuler ( wrote:
: On Mon, 15 Jul 1996 08:30:36 EDT kday wrote:
: >
: >Last week the following question was posed on your Quick Poll:
: > Will Linux ever be given fair consideration alongside commercial
: > OSes on the desktop.
: >
: >Your summary said that the majority said yes, but the stats shown
: >were 47% yes, 53% no.
: >
: >Am I misreading this?

: Unfortunately, you probably are not misreading this. I think that the
: question, in the manner in which it was asked, was fairly answered. The
: question should have been asked as a two-part question:

Ummm.... The correct answer is 90% for 10% against (as of Sunday, 7/14/96)

I sent mail to the maintainer about the 'majority yes - 53%no' thing
and she replied that there had been a software screwup on the server,
and the graph was from last week's question....

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