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SubjectRe: Not a bible thumper. . .
At 18:39 15/07/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I just did a few 'find's because I was curious.. I'm not suggesting that we
>change these, just something to chew on. The only one that reaches the user is
>the UFS driver.
>./fs/isofs/inode.c:/* Some dipshit decided to store some other bit of
>n in the high
>./drivers/cdrom/mcd.c: that are supposedly "OUT OF TOLERANCE" (but are
really sh
>itty presses!)
>./arch/sparc/mm/srmmu.c: * else we eat shit later big time.
>./arch/sparc/mm/srmmu.c: * this shit off... nice job Fujitsu.
>./fs/ufs/ufs_super.c: printk("ufs_read_super: fucking Sun blows me\n");
>./lib/vsprintf.c: * Wirzenius wrote this portably, Torvalds fucked it up :-)
>./drivers/cdrom/sbpcd.c: CURRENT=req->next; /* task can fuck it up GTL
>./arch/sparc/kernel/process.c: /* fuck me plenty */
>./arch/sparc/kernel/sunos_ioctl.c: /* Binary compatibility is good American
>how fuckin' up. */

OK. So what? Tell us what we're meant to chew. So you've learnt to use find
have you?

"The difference between experts and professionals is that the former rarely
get paid, never make any mistakes they'll admit to, and constantly rate
themselves as professionals; whilst the latter always get paid, often make
mistakes they're forced to admit to and are constantly confused with experts."

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