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SubjectRe: Not a bible thumper. . .
	Comments are ok, I use words such as this all the time, actually
one of my best written programs that many people ask for copies of
(networking monitoring tool that understands network topology) was
built in a directory with one of those names/sysmon-0.74beta1 when I
started to do some major rewrites of its code and was getting pissed
at the author who wrote nasty code (oops, that was me).

Lets cange the ufs one, but other than that, the others are
for developers, and I for one am not offended by those comments, because
I can relate to them. (I wanna see you create raw icmp packets and make your
code port to hpux, solaris, sco, etc. ;-)

- jared

Aaron Tiensivu graced my mailbox with this long sought knowledge:
> I just did a few 'find's because I was curious.. I'm not suggesting that we
> change these, just something to chew on. The only one that reaches the user is
> the UFS driver.
> ./fs/isofs/inode.c:/* Some dipshit decided to store some other bit of informatio
> n in the high
> ./drivers/cdrom/mcd.c: that are supposedly "OUT OF TOLERANCE" (but are really sh
> itty presses!)
> ./arch/sparc/mm/srmmu.c: * else we eat shit later big time.
> ./arch/sparc/mm/srmmu.c: * this shit off... nice job Fujitsu.
> ./fs/ufs/ufs_super.c: printk("ufs_read_super: fucking Sun blows me\n");
> ./lib/vsprintf.c: * Wirzenius wrote this portably, Torvalds fucked it up :-)
> ./drivers/cdrom/sbpcd.c: CURRENT=req->next; /* task can fuck it up GTL
> */
> ./arch/sparc/kernel/process.c: /* fuck me plenty */
> ./arch/sparc/kernel/sunos_ioctl.c: /* Binary compatibility is good American know
> how fuckin' up. */

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