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SubjectRe: Last weeks QuickPoll
On Mon, 15 Jul 1996 08:30:36 EDT kday wrote:
>Last week the following question was posed on your Quick Poll:
> Will Linux ever be given fair consideration alongside commercial
> OSes on the desktop.
>Your summary said that the majority said yes, but the stats shown
>were 47% yes, 53% no.
>Am I misreading this?

Unfortunately, you probably are not misreading this. I think that the
question, in the manner in which it was asked, was fairly answered. The
question should have been asked as a two-part question:

1) Should Linux be given fair consideration alongside commercial OS'es on
the desktop?

(I would suspect that this would have a very high "YES" rate.)

2) Do you believe that Linux *will* be given fair consideration alongside
commercial OS'es on the desktop.

(This is where the problem sits. Many companies are still reluctant to
allow a "free" operating system to be used since there is no formal
support structure or maintenance policy that you can pay for. Unfortunately
the "bean counters" don't realize that the response you get from some of
these maintenance policies is less than effective. For reasons such as
this, Linux is many times not allowed to be considered as a desktop

Also, until we get things such as Lotus Notes, Lotus Freelance, and other
applications that are compatible with the equivalent Windows software, it
will always be a problem in a BUSINESS SETTING to use Linux, especially
in a mixed OS environment.)

With this in mind, I'd be curious to find out how other people answered the
original question, especially when you think of it in the manner as stated

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