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SubjectRe: linux 2.0.5 -hangs- with sound module / sb16
Hannu, I'm experiencing this lockup problem as well with linux-2.0.7. In my
case reloading the sound module will lock the system with no kernel oops or
warning. Nothing works at all.

Prior to the lock, and what prompts me to reload the sound module is that
the dsp begins to only play the first second of sound and then goes
quiet, while the kernel reports a DMA timeout..

Please note that sound playing is perfect for quite a while, the DMA
timeouts startup randomly with no warning. The last time the problem
showed itself, I was using RealAudio. I stopped the player and then when
I clicked the play button to restart it I only got a quick blip of sound
and then nothing. I closed the player down, unloaded the sound
module, reloaded it and boom, the machine locked up tight.

AMD-586 133mhz 24mb RAM
True SB16

Kernel message:
Jul 16 09:44:53 titus kernel: Sound: DMA (output) timed out - IRQ/DRQ config error?
Jul 16 09:45:25 titus last message repeated 2 times

Sound Settings:
# CONFIG_PAS is not set
# CONFIG_GUS is not set
# CONFIG_MPU401 is not set
# CONFIG_UART6850 is not set
# CONFIG_PSS is not set
# CONFIG_GUS16 is not set
# CONFIG_GUSMAX is not set
# CONFIG_MSS is not set
# CONFIG_SSCAPE is not set
# CONFIG_TRIX is not set
# CONFIG_MAD16 is not set
# CONFIG_CS4232 is not set
# CONFIG_MAUI is not set

On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, Mark Orr wrote:

> System Info: P5-100 Neptune II ; 16 MB; SB16SCSI-2 w/ WaveBlaster;
> SB16 settings: 220H, IRQ 5, lowDMA 1, hiDMA 5, MPU 330H, -1 ;
> Kernel 2.0.5 ; modules 2.0.0
> ---
> Well in 2.0.4, I found that when sound was compiled as a module,
> it would work the first time (including SB16 external MIDI). But,
> if you unloaded the module and reloaded (as Kerneld might do)
> then sound would not work (or not work properly).
> Hannu suggested that there may be some problems with running a
> check on IRQ 5 twice w/o a reboot -- and suggest that I move it
> to IRQ 7.
> ---
> Now in 2.0.5 -- with the same settings as above (haven't tried
> moving it to IRQ 7 yet) -- sound works first time, but if the
> module is unloaded and reloaded: the whole system locks up.
> A hard lock too, no ctrl-alt-del.
> Mark Orr

William E. Roadcap
TITUS Software
Waynesboro, Va (USA)

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