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SubjectRe: Linux NFS Problem

Dear Bernhard,
Thanks for your reply.

I think that it's an overload of the Server because I tried to divide the
Clients on 3 Servers (22 Clients each) and the message appears just every
once a wile.

What I was thinking is that probably I have a an old RPC.NFSD deamon (it's
the one that comes with the Slackware Dist.).

Do you know where I can find a more Strong NFSD ?

From: bartelt
To: Stramaglia, Carlo
Cc: linux-kernel
Subject: Re: Linux NFS Problem
Date: 11 July 1996 23:03

On Mon, 8 Jul 1996, Stramaglia, Carlo wrote:
> I'm installing a NFS Boot Server for 65 Diskless Clients.
> The problem is that after booting 40 PC's the other clients become to
> receive errors like:

I know these errors good, but they may be cause by many other problems,
for example an overloaded NFS server, an defective device in the net,
excessive collisions...

What intervalls, what is our network hardware, can you ping all on
nodes on your net, what are the response times?

If it's not kernel related, we should continue elsewhere.

Bernhard Kaindl

| Bernhard Kaindl, author of the prototype for linux xconfig and menu- |
| config, kmenu, which showed how to write a menu based kernel config |
| which generates menus from the standard linux kernel config scripts. |

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