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SubjectRe: Admin util wish list
In <> Todd Graham Lewis <> writes:

>I've been thinking about the various admin/system-admin utils which other
>systems have and how useful they'd be under Linux.

>Util OS presently on Comments
>---- --------------- --------
>sysctl BSD /proc/sys seems set up to do this
>sysinfo solaris I don't know of anything which comes close
>sar solaris ditto
>UERF digital u./vms syslog on steroids, but nice system
> reporting
iostat BSDI,FreeBSD, like vmstat but for i/o. reports sectors/sec,
NetBSD disk transfers/sec and ms/seek as
well as tty io and cpu.
systat BSDI,FreeBSD Full screen system statistics display
NetBSD Various modes, the most interesting is
the vmstat mode. Looks a bit like the
output of procinfo but with way more
detail, displaying things like paging,
memory use, number of copys on write
zfod, and other kernel statistics that are
very handy to see when things going
u386mon SCO sort of a super top, with multiple pages
showing network statistics, kernel and
memory statistics and a top like
display of top cpu using processes.

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