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Subject_My_ turn for a 2.1 wishlist
	Well, since my original post to last week didn't go
through, here's my wish list for Linux 2.1:

* Allow SMP to be configured via the config scripts. I'm thinking
about something like:
Support for symmetric multi-processing (SMP)? [Y/n]

* Incorporate file-level compression into ext2fs. This is one feature
I'd love to see in Linux 2.1.x.

* Perhaps, incorporate ext2fs encryption and/or file undeletion.

* Integrate the noblink patch into the kernel. This is usually the
only patch I apply to every single kernel I download.

* Read/write HPFS and/or NTFS would be nice, although I understand
that this is a nontrivial task. Besides, I haven't seen any updates
to NTFS in a long while. At the very least, incorporate the read-only
NTFS driver as it stands into the kernel; I'm sure you developers can
iron out all the bugs. :*)

* PnP support, although I hear that PnP development is doing very

* Support for the PC speaker sound driver (PCSNDRV). This driver is a
good complement to USS/Lite.

* Support for DMSDOSFS, which allows DriveSpace volumes to be used
under Linux.

* Obviously, NFS enhancements would be nice. I'm sure Linus has
plenty in stock.

* Move GCC into kernel space and allow it to be compiled as a module.
Before you shoot me, I'm just kidding. :*)

I hope this inspires creative programming. Keep up the good work.
Oh, and I did not say a word about the compilation problems in 2.0.5's
ip_sockglue, so my attitude is (hopefully) getting a little better.


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