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SubjectRe: Target 0 underflow - Wanted (at least) (4096) got (1281) count(255)
The MEDIUM ERROR is generally an error message indicating a SCSI hardware 
problem. If this symptom appears on an old kernel as well be prepared to
replace your hard drive. I have had several SCSI disks bomb over the past
2-3 years, and almost always preceeded by SENSE KEY MEDIUM ERROR when I run
the adaptec diagnostics. I have often been able to re-map bad sectors
with the adaptec off-line rom diagnostics (verify disk) but they seem to
return on many drives. Check all cables and terminator's first, then see
if you have any off-line diagnostic pgms that can re-map bad blocks.
Sometimes a power loss at a critical time can also cause bad blocks which
may be repairable by a low-level re-format.

Kirk Robinson Periphonics Corp.
Sr Project Analyst 4000 Veterans Memorial Hwy.
Email: Bohemia, N.Y. 11716
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On Sun, 14 Jul 1996, Tigran Aivazian wrote:

> Hi Kernel Guys,
> Please reply to me on because I am no longer subscribed
> to this wonderful mailing list (too much noise). Since 2.0.0 I started having
> these horrifying messages coming from SCSI subsystem
> (/usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi/aic7xxx.c aic7xxx_isr() function). Booting the
> old kernel does not help because I assume that 2.0.0 corrupted my scsi disk
> a little bit so I get the same messages (a couple of dozens of them with
> different "got" numbet followed by MEDIUM ERROR on scsi disk).
> So, please tell me what to do? Repartition everything? Compile new kernel on
> another machine (because I cant run processes with too much disk I/O - I get
> those underflows) and hope that the problem goes away? Panic? Buy another
> scsi disk? Mail to linux-kernel again in hope that this time somebody will
> know the answer? Mail Linus (only as a last resort, I know how busy he is).
> Thanks a lot to all those who read it,
> Special thanks to all those who will reply,
> Tigran.

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