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Subject3c59x driver 0.25 falls off network
I am having problems where a machine with a 3c590 will just fall off the
ethernet -- it doesn't log any errors, it doesn't mark the interface as
down, it just abruptly stops passing any data over it. This means I
have to reboot it from the console.

I originally found this problem when I received two new machines that
had 3c590s with 8k buffers, and found that the driver included with
1.2.13 (0.06a, I think) didn't transmit properly with those. I
backported the latest 0.24 driver into 1.2.13 and found that although it
would work on both 8k and 32k cards, it would cause them to fall off the
network occasionally. I tried the 0.13 driver, which was the one
included with 1.3.current, and have had no problems with that under
heavy load for several weeks.

The machines have ASUS motherboards and the problem can be reproduced at
will by starting a large NFS transfer.

I'd recommend that 0.13, the version that came with 2.0.0, be put back
into 2.0.6 until this problem can be found.
Shields, CrossLink.

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