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SubjectRe: linux headers and tcpdump programs

Michael Elizabeth Chastain <> writes:
>I'm planning to clean up the headers in 2.1:
> include guards on all files
> proper nested #include on all files
> document which directories in include/* are exported to user space
> move internal kernel stuff from include/linux to new include/kernel
> proper use of __KERNEL__ everywhere
>Ideas and comments welcomed. Especially welcomed are one-liners from
>experienced kernel hackers saying whether this will be useful or if I'm
>just wasting my time.

I think there is some definite value in doing this.
It would be good if user space programs didn't have to avoid
using the names of internal kernel data strucures and functions.
One thing you should do before proceeding is check if someone
is already working on this from the libc end of things.
Also, the networking stuff is getting a major overhaul in 2.1
in order to make space for IPV6. If you want to start thinking
about this now you should probably look at what Pedro is doing
with these files already.

-- eric

Eric Schenk www:
Department of Computer Science email:
University of Toronto

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