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SubjectRe: Warning to all gated users.

On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, A.N.Kuznetsov wrote:
> Gated turned out to believe that raw packets contain
> in ip length field not tot_len in net order, but length of
> datagram payload(!) in HOST order(!!).

Fix gated. The code you see inside "#if 0" is _not_ meant to be enabled,
ever. The behaviour gated seems to expect is simply too braindamaged, as
you yourself seem to have noticed, judging by the "(!!)" ;-)

In short, we have to put the foot down _somewhere_ when it comes to BSD
compatibility (we've done that in other areas to conform to RFC's). And I
don't really see the sense in carrying over all the bad stuff that are
probably results of internal BSD implementation rather than any "real"

(If somebody really wants to emulate BSD this hard, I think Alexey was 100%
right when he said that it should be done at "copy-to-user" time instead of
here, inside the networking code. The skb data itself should not be touched,
at most we could "fix up"/"break" the data the application sees).


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