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SubjectRe: Vote for Linux.
Louis J. LaBash Jr. wrote:
> Goto "InfoWorld Electric Page One" and vote for Linux.
> [IMAGE] Is Linux ready for the desktop?
> Some people are taking Linux in esoteric directions. Nicholas
> Petreley is hedging his bets that it will be more commonplace. What's
> your take on it?
> --
> Louis-ljl-{ |}

My take is that InfoWorld should learn how to compose an industry-standard HTML
on-line form. Using Netscape/Linux latest-and-greatest (2.02?), the form would
only display briefly when invoking "Back" :-((. In a large amount of
net-surfing, I've never seen anything like this before.

- Steve

|Steven N. Hirsch "Anything worth doing is worth |
|University of Vermont overdoing.." - Hunter S. Thompson |
|Computer Science / EE |

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