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    SubjectRe: proc delays
    On Tue, 9 Jul 1996, Alan Cox wrote:

    > > I have noticed that several of the network status tools will hang in mid
    > > report. For instance, route will often pause during its table printout.
    > > ipfwadm -M -l or ipfwadm -F -l will do the same. The pauses are either
    > The machine is waiting for a response from a remote name server that is
    > slow or down. The "-n" option stops the net tools looking up names.

    Speaking of pauses...while testing a new box with 2 Cyclades 16ye's
    running 2.0.0, I had one modem dialed into another and did an 'ls -laR /'
    from my minicom session on the terminal server (dialed into same terminal
    server and then rlogin'd to the shell host). While doing this, I noticed
    that any use of ipfwadm -lA or even just cat /proc/net/ip_acct would
    cause ttyC overruns. This was on a P100.

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