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SubjectRe: Misc Fixes
> >    o     Ext2s module now loads
> >
> > Tried getting this patch through during 1.3; Linus rejected it as making
> > it too easy for module to circumvent securelevel. The fix he wanted was
> > write a functional interfaces so that it would be possible for ext2 to
> > obtain the current securelevel settings, without being able to set it.
> Garbage reason. You can load a module that patches the kernel if you can
> load a module. Securelevel should stop module loads.

I don't want to make it _trivial_ to get at the secure-level, and I think it's
_wrong_ for a module to depend on it (I broke down and added it anyway, because
I haven't gotten the _right_ fix for it, dammit you lazy people!).

Not allowing module loads is reasonable, actually. That does NOT change the
fact that no module should access "securelevel", which is the original problem.


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