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SubjectBug in fs/smbfs/proc.c

I don't know if this is the right list for this, but:

There seems to be a minor bug in fs/smbfs/proc.c, around line 1742,
in kernel version 2.0.4. The line reads:

if (server->protocol > PROTOCOL_LANMAN1) {

I believe it should be:

if (server->protocol >= PROTOCOL_LANMAN1) {

Anyway, this fixed the problem with smbmount that I was having.
Configuration: Linux running 2.0.4, same subnet as a few Windows NT 3.51
boxes. Protocol requested by the NT box for mounting an NT share is
PROTOCOL_LANMAN1; unless the above change is made _no username is ever
transmitted to the NT box_, thus no authentication can occur & the NT box
refuses to export the share volume.

If this is correct, can someone insert this minor change into the next
kernel revision? If not, can someone tell me why and what `real' fix
I need to do in order to mount NT shares with this setup?

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