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SubjectRe: Vote for Linux.

On Tue, 9 Jul 1996, Louis J. LaBash Jr. wrote:

> Goto "InfoWorld Electric Page One" and vote for Linux.
> [IMAGE] Is Linux ready for the desktop?
> Some people are taking Linux in esoteric directions. Nicholas
> Petreley is hedging his bets that it will be more commonplace. What's
> your take on it?
> --
> Louis-ljl-{ |}

I am quoting the whole message, so sue me. Nicholas Petreley is one
very aware dude. He has written a number of columns about Linux or
refering to Linux. This is unheard of in the mainstream computer
press, the so called info rags. But what I would like to call
attention to is his column in May 27, 1996 VOLUME 18, ISSUE 22
..founded in 1978.. oops, sorry reading from the cover...

Anyway, article was called "Advice to 'write what you know' spells
negative press for alternative OSes"

He didn't mention Linux once in this article, but it was _totally_
about Linux. Sure, OS2 is nice, blah, blah, .... but it said to me
nothing but !Linux! without even mentioning the word.

I sent Petreley mail once, but I am a bozo and addressed it to
someone else at InfoWorld. (Really. I study my butt off but I
am still an idiot most of the time) My message questioned how
Petreley could write about Linux and altenative OSes in the context
of a trade rag and still keep his job. Unheard of. I am amazed.

There were an number of very positive letters to the editor
in this week's InfoWorld, july 8, 1996 VOLUME 18, ISSUE 28
...founded in 1978... sigh, reading the cover again. But
it was very interesting that InfoWorld chose to sidebar the
the most negative comments. "While I doubt that Linux will
ever actually make it to the corporate desktop....."

This is of course total hogwash. In the not too distant
future, the corporate beancounters will begin to realize
that Linux is _very_ cost effective, end of story. Cash.

See, I think that Linux very much represents what _users_ want
(even corporate users) as opposed to the choices that users
have had historically, which are just what the vendor thinks
he can sell.

I suppose that this should have been posted to some advocacy
list instead of linux-kernel but hey, oh well.


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