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Subjectdial-on-demand via kerneld

I have been testing dial-on-demand functions of kerneld. The setup is as
recommended in the attached README.ppp.

After entering e.g. "telnet a.b.c.d" my modem dials and connects to the
remote comm server but then telnet fails with Network is unreachable.
However, the ppp0 interface and the routes are OK and so the same telnet
command suceeds immediately.

In order to isolate the problem I tried it on plain Ethernet - disabled
the eth0 interface and put all the ifconfig & route stuff to
/sbin/request-route. It works as with PPP, the first telnet fails. Also,
the first ping packet gets lost while the next comes through.

It seems that with the request-route mechanism the first packet from the
application is discarded somewhere in the process of updating networking
structures. Is there any way to avoid this problem?

Thanks in advance for all hints,


P.S. I am using kernel 2.0.1 and modules 2.0.0.

Ladislav Lhotka
Academic Computer Centre, University of South Bohemia
Branisovska 31, C. Budejovice, CZ-370 05 Czech Republic

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