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SubjectPS/2 mouse locks keyboard interrupts
  If I use my PS/2 mouse before the driver has been loaded for the first
time the console keyboard locks. By doing a cat /proc/interrupts from
a telnet I noticed the keyboard interrupts count does not move when I
type something at the console. Loading the psaux driver returns to
normal and the machine does not lock up later if I use the mouse
without driver. I also noticed the problem does not come from the misc
module but from psaux.
After loading the module all I have typed in the locked console
appears so I deduce the interrupt is not really locked only the upper
half of the keyboard driver.

Ah my PS/2 mouse is manufactured by Microsoft so I deduce this is a
conspiracy from the Evil Empire's minions.

So this device driver cannot used in conjunction with kerneld. As an
aside it could be useful for the authors of installation procedures to
have a black list of modules which cannot be used with kerneld. That

-PS/2 mouse
-CD/ROM drivers (first use always fails)


Jean Francois Martinez

Join the Free World side in the holy war against Microsoft's Evil Empire.
(Ronald Reagan)

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