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SubjectRe: proc delays
On Mon, 8 Jul 1996, System Development wrote:

> I have noticed that several of the network status tools will hang in mid
> report. For instance, route will often pause during its table printout.
> ipfwadm -M -l or ipfwadm -F -l will do the same. The pauses are either
> temporary or indefinite. They occur at random times in the printout.
> There are no error messages from the console or syslog. Whats going on???

At home I have a 386/40, no math copro, 1GB IDE HD.

ifconfig takes a very long time; the only links are loopback and ppp0. I
had assumed that this was due to disk blocking (and/or general slowness),
but it is noteworthy. Count me as a maybe.

I've noticed no such thing at work, Pentium, 3c509, using ifconfig. Our
firewall running 1.3.99 has no noticeable speed problems using ipfwadm.

Hope this helps.

Todd Graham Lewis Core Engineering Mindspring Enterprises (Standard Disclaimers) (800) 719 4664, x2804

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