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SubjectRam problems
I have the new SuperMicro P55T2S motherboard with 40 MB EDO RAM and a 133MHz
Pentium. Using kernel 1.2.13, all the RAM appears to be usable for Linux.
However, when I switched to version 2.0.0 (I haven't installed any of the
patches yet), Linux seems to only see the first 16 MB. This information shows
up in the boot messages and in the file /proc/meminfo. Any ideas?

The AMI BIOS has an option to select no memory hole, a memory hole at
640KB-1024KB, or a memory hole at 15MB. For Windoze '95, I can leave this with
no memory hole, and it works fine. Do I need to set a memory hole for Linux?
Do I need to disable the L2 cache?

I am using

make 3.74.4

All input would be greatly appreciated.

Andy Koepke

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