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SubjectRe: Freezing....
From: (Peter Lieverdink)
Date: 30 Jun 1996 23:53:21 GMT
Organization: University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
Lines: 36
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Precedence: bulk (John E. Davis) writes:

>On Thu, 27 Jun 1996 09:31:13 -0300 (EST), Isamar Maia <>
> : It's freezing online the the virtual console that I'm using at that
> : moment temporarily. I can switch to other VC and continue my work until
> : the first comes back. That's it.

>I have seen freezing with 2.0.0 as well. For example, I often run make
>locally in X windows to an NSF mounted disk. The make process sometimes
>freezes and does not repond to any signals generated from the keyboard (^Z,
>^C, ^\, etc...). The network appears fine because I am able to telnet to the
>machine that is the server for the NSF mounted disk as well as interact with
>that disk from another XWindow. `strace' indicates that make is in a wait
>system call. I have also seen this behavoir with another program so I do
>not think it is a bug in make.

My machine has had a few freezes too now. After installing 2.0.0 it's been
up for about 9 days. Then it decided to crash and ever since it's been freezing
every 2 to 3 days. I can switch vc's, but not even enter a name.

When I came home today, it had decided not to accept incoming connections
anymore. The only way to get to a shell was via the vc, rlogin and telnet did
nothing and ssh stopped after I entered a password. This was fixed after (yet
another) reboot.

The BBS that is listening on ports 23 and 1976 was behaving as normal though.

- Peter.

Peter Lieverdink <> Finger for PGP-KEY
Sysadmin Monolith BBS <>

"If god were a liberal we would have had the ten suggestions."

Are you using PS/2 bus mouse? I found hitting a button when the driver
is not loaded (I used kerneld) freezes the console.


Jean Francois Martinez

Join the Free World side in the holy war against Microsoft's Evil Empire.
(Ronald Reagan)

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