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SubjectRe: Simple, effective boot graphic (fwd)
On Sun, 30 Jun 1996, Mark Menard wrote:

> This is so stupid. If you want a neat graphic at boot up get a damned
> mac. If you want x for your login set it in inittab. If you boot a real
> OS a someone in this discussion pointed out you get messages. If
> something goes wrong you can trouble shoot it. Try that with a mac when
> it sh*ts the bed.

The difference is with Linux you can confidently expect someone will provide
an override key you can hold down to bypass the graphic. And you won't have
to have this `feature' if you don't want it, that's what kernel configuration
options are for.

> One more thing that can wrong at bootup is one more thing Linux doesn't
> need. Think long and hard before you add stupid gizmos that add no "real"
> functionality.

The functionality is making Linux a bit more accessible to a wider audience.
Relax, no one is going to put you between a rock and a hard place to do


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