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SubjectRe: WARNING - broken! CONFIG_AEDSP16 was not declared!
> On Sun, 9 Jun 1996, Johnny Yuma wrote:
> > When running 'make xconfig' on 2.0.0, I get:
> >
> > WARNING - broken! CONFIG_AEDSP16 was not declared!
> >
> > when hitting the 'sound' button.
> >
> Strange indeed. Just checked it and everything went OK.
> How did you get it? Just 'make xconfig' and click on 'Sound' button?
> Nothing more?
> Are you sure you have patched correctly?
> I got whole source tree and tested it different ways. No problems till now.
> Best regards,
> Emil

I have been getting this WARNING message since I started using
'make xconfig' with the 1.3.100 kernel. It has never caused a
problem with the kernel compile, so I have just ignored it
thinking that since no one says anything about this message,
that it is not a problem. HA!


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